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At Imperial One Limousine we believe in respecting and embracing the culture and traditions of others. As such we frequently provide Quinceañera Limo service. We are honored to be chosen as a part of this special day and will make every effort to provide an exceptional experience for the  Quinceañera and her court.
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                                          Quinceañera Info:

Quinceañera, fiesta de quince años, fiesta de quinceañera, quince años or quince, is the celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday in people from Latin America. This birthday is celebrated differently from any other birthday, it marks the transition from childhood to womanhood. The celebration, varies significantly from one country to the next:

In Mexico, the birthday girl, is adorned with elegant makeup and is also expected to wear a formal evening dress. If the teenager is Catholic - the celebration begins with a mass. She arrives to the celebration accompanied by parents, godparents and court of honor. The court of honor is a group of her chosen peers consisting of paired-off girls and boys, known as damas (dames) and chambelanes (chamberlains). There are seven or fourteen pairs of damas and chambelanes. At this religious mass, a rosary, or sometimes a necklace with a locket or pendant depicting Mexico's patron saint, is presented by her godparents. She is also awarded a tiara. The symbolism behind the tiara is to serve as a reminder that to her loved ones, the quinceañera will always be a princess.
After mass, is the reception where celebratory events to honor the quinceañera will be held. The birthday girl usually dances a traditional waltz with her "chambelan de honor", her chosen escort, and her court of honor. Subsequent dances take place while a traditional Mexican meal is served.

In Cuba, the party includes a choreographed group dance, in which 14 couples waltz around the quinceañera, who is accompanied by one of the main dancers, a boy of her choice, her boyfriend or friends of rights.
Brazil the celebration is called festa de debutantes, baile de debutantes or festa de quinze anos.
Argentina and Paraguay the celebration is not called a quinceañera, it’s called a fiesta de quince.
Dominican Republic this celebration is traditional and begins with a Mass in the Catholic Church.
Ecuador, the teenager wears an evening dress in light colors or pastels, places a tiara in her hair and jewels on her neck and hands. Guests dress in formal attire.
French Guiana and the French Caribbean the celebration is known as fête des quinze ans.

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For more information or to reserve a limo for a Quinceanera, call 727-809-1209 or visit our office at 1760 N. Fort Harrison, Clearwater
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Ceremony of the 15 candles

The birthday girl delivers fifteen candles those who were most influential in her life during her fifteen years. She gives a speech dedicated to each of the people that are given candles. The ceremony is also known as the Tree of Life. The 15 candles symbolize the 15 years the girl has "left behind". Each candle symbolizes a special memory.
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